Who We Are

Kola Abiri & Co., was established with core value to provide excellent and efficient legal and professional services in the increasing demand in Nigeria socio-economic marketplace. For almost 2 decades, our practice has expanded beyond the traditional legal services of litigation and corporate practices to richly resourceful consultants to other law firms, legal practionals and other professionals.

Our firm represents a large number of business ventures across Nigeria as well as transnational entities, multinational corporations, public sector undertakings, various ministries and state and central government authorities, NGOs and private individuals. We also represent major foreign and domestic corporations with diverse business interests in Nigeria in various industry sectors.

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Our firm places a high premium on proper articulation of clients’ interests in designing appropriate legal measures to meet clients’ peculiar needs. We are dedicated to proffering novel and practical solutions to legal issues referred to us. Our core values are based on providing smart solutions to all our clients and to engender mutual trust in all circumstance. We consider ourselves as being not just a law firm, but business solution providers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global brand in legal service and consultancy anchored on solid, professional and efficient client service delivery the best global practices, latest business technologies and methodologies.

Our Mission

To render high quality and ethical legal and professional services to our clients in a timely and efficient manner and to maintain cost efficient approaches in achieving best possible results.

Core Values





Our Strategies

We make use of cutting edge legal and deplore up-to-date technologies

We employ latest technologies for efficient service delivery

We apply ethical standards in ensuing confidentiality, professionalism and total compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations to client’s instructions.

We are committed to highest standard of quality in legal services delivery whether for fee or for free (pro bono)

We constantly to increase our competence in existing practice areas and incorporate new practice areas to adapt to the growing and ever-changing needs of our clients.

We maintain work-smart environment where success-at-work and happiness-at-home are mutually achieved.


The firm’s clientele base spans virtually all sectors of the economy. This includes but not limited to banks and financial institutions, commercial and industrial concerns, entrepreneurs, finance companies, governmental regulatory agencies, nongovernmental agencies, media\communications organizations, private individuals, families, professional associations, oil and gas firms.

Georgetown Solicitors places a high premium on integrity and unrivalled professional etiquette in a dynamic business world, employing the international best practice standard in the executions of all instructions referred to it.